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June 21, 2011

Pat's HST Bell

Kamloops Radio NLís Shane Woodford tweeted: ďTourism Min Pat Bell is calling @StrategicThghts "not credible" over an anti-HST editorial on NL says he is playing politics w/ HST #bcpoliĒ

What gave rise to the Tourism Ministerís attack on me was an editorial I was invited to do for Radio NL. Look at the arguments Iíve provided here and click to hear the editorial I did that rang Patís Bell.

Once postal services resume, the majority of ballots on the HST will be quickly submitted. Those with billions of dollars a year at stake, and the BC Liberals who they finance, are beginning to sound desperate. A credible government would recognize it made a mistake. It would recognize that the other western provinces get along very well without the HST, as BC did for over 60 years until Gordon Campbell surprised everyone within days of the last election.

I support the PST/GST system and will vote YES because it is best for my family and for the province. Look at who is financing the other side and ask who they want to benefit.