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August 6, 2010

No Trust for BC Liberals

Imagine being a fly on the wall as senior BC Liberals make a pitch to Carole Taylor to lead their party. The latest Angus Reid poll shows that the NDP's 21 point lead drops to 8 points if Taylor were to replace Campbell. The Liberal recruiters could tell Taylor that she has an opportunity to become leader of the opposition in 2013 and work until 2017 for a shot as premier, when she will be in her early 70s.

Campbell may feel that he has a divine right to destroy the party he hijacked from Gordon Wilson and parlayed into three terms in power. In his first term he broke his promise to the HEU to respect their contract, only to eventually be reprimanded by the Supreme Court. In his second term he broke his promise not to sell BC Rail; he rented it for 999 years. In his third term he broke his promise not to implement the HST. The NDP is likely to campaign with a slogan that focuses on lies the BC Liberals told you.

A change in leadership will not restore credibility to the BC Liberals. It is hard to believe that the ambitious Kevin Falcon and Rich Coleman would give Taylor leadership of their party on a silver plate. Even if she could overcome the difference in the polls, she probably couldn't get by without a very nasty leadership contest. The folks who write the big cheques to finance the BC Liberals, now busy with a campaign to sell the HST, will have to twist a lot of arms to salvage the party they bought.