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December 8, 2010

Pay Up or Shut Up

It is time for those who organized and supported the coup against Carole James to produce. They claimed that getting rid of James would invigorate the party. So I say, they should click the party website and make a substantial donation.

Click on the CKNW audio vault at and select Tues. Dec 7, 9:00 AM. From 9:10 AM to 9:30 AM (make sure you click 9 AM not PM) you'll hear a great interview with Jim Sinclair, and from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM you'll hear me on a panel. I challenged those who celebrate the coup against James to finance the party and recruit new members by taking out their credit cards, clicking on and making a donation.

I believe that as a result of the coup the NDP will lose donations and members, but for those who supported the coup, it is time to prove me wrong by taking out your credit cards and paying up for the party.

December 6, 2010

Anarchists Win

The anarchists in the NDP may have won a battle by forcing Carole James to resign, but they will lose where it counts in the next election. New Democrats are bitterly divided over what has happened. Some will reduce their donations to a minimum but remain members, others will simply quit. A new leader will face a caucus that is fresh from having fought a civil war and is the laughing stock of the province. They can't possibly claim to be ready to form a government.

Parliamentary democracy works best with an official opposition that is viewed as a government in waiting. British Columbians now have two broken parties, but the BC Liberals, driven by the discipline of holding power, will renew themselves while the bleeding within the NDP will continue. This ups the stakes for the BC Liberal leadership race.

On November 3rd, when Campbell announced he would step down, it looked like the BC Liberals would be hard pressed to win more than a handful of seats if an election was called. Today it looks like they will be government for a fourth term so instead of electing a temporary premier, the BC Liberals could be electing the leader of a new dynasty. That prospect is not good for anyone who wants to influence public policy regardless of who is in government. The absence of a strong opposition will allow a new BC Liberal leader to follow in the steps of Campbell with a strongly centralized and arrogant government.

Jenny Kwan and her friends may be celebrating their victory in driving James out, but history will show what they've done to British Columbia.