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November 18, 2010

Not a Nice Man

How much abuse can Gordon Campbell take? If he refuses to step down as premier before the February 26 BC Liberal leadership vote, he may go down as the most despised premier in BC history.

Bill Bennett compared him to a wife beater. Unless a current or former BC Liberal MLA comes forward to substantiate his attack, Bennett will lose credibility, but his allegations will stick like mud whether true or not. Bennett may have been over the top with his description of Campbell as a foul mouthed abusive wife beater, but silence is deafening amongst members of cabinet.

Bennett's allegations put current and former BC MLAs under enormous pressure. If they substantiate Bennett's allegations, they could be ostracized by Campbell's supporters. If they deny them, they could be viewed as captives of Campbell's alleged abuse and write off any leadership hopes. Either way it is difficult for members of Campbell's cabinet to emerge from his shadow and give the BC Liberals a fresh start.

Campbell's cabinet rejected his 15% tax cut, a move that would signal the end for most first ministers. How long can it be before they put an end to the chaos he created with his cabinet shuffle and irrational reorganization of natural resource ministries?

British Columbia has joined the third world, viewed as a state in chaos with no one in charge and no one able to commit the province in any federal-provincial or business deals. How can a governing party go into a leadership race when it doesn't appear capable of governing? Humour can be fatal, and the BC Liberals have become the butt of many jokes.

Those who dream that they can get a bounce in the polls so as to call a surprise election before May 2013 should give their heads a shake. The only thing that might cause an election before the set 2013 date is the complete collapse of the BC Liberals, something that is no longer inconceivable.