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Click on these Articles about BC-STV
(and why to reject it)

Fairness and BC-STV

BC-STV Debate in CKNW Audio Vault

BC-STV Vote Count Confusion

Irish Politics and BC-STV

Western Australia Local Gov to Return to First-Past-the-Post

Non-Monotonicity and BC-STV

By-Election in Dublin Central

Latest False Claims about BC-STV

Does Your Vote Really Count?

Is the STV Vote Count Fair?

BC-STV is Not Reform

Debunking Claims about BC-STV

STV Makes Your Vote Worth Less

BC's or Ireland's: Which Voting System?

BC-STV Kickoff

Would BC-STV Produce Coalitions?

Reject BC-STV

Listen to 4 Important Minutes
from the Citizens' Assembly's November 27, 2004 meeting

just click on the play button below

Rick Mercer on Electoral Reform (October 9, 2007)
Mercer: Electoral Reform Everything you weren't interested enough to ask.
(season 5, episode 2, runs: 04:32)
(click on Electorl Reform episode from right menu bar after website loads)


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