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November 1 , 2001

500 Hour Jobs (then you're fired)

Hurry before they fire the staff (500 hrs max)In his interview on CKNW's Bill Good show Thursday, November 1st, Labour Minister Graham Bruce spoke about how some employers might create a number of positions just for the purpose of "training" new employees so as to give young people a first job experience. He explained how those young people might then be let go so someone else would have a chance - revolving maximum 500 hour jobs. Almost makes you think that they've considered how to make $6 the real minimum wage.

The newly laid off youth would have the "benefit" of an initial experience and a "record of employment". Or would that be the opportunity to collude with the employer to lie about the number of hours so as to hang on to the job? Is it any coincidence that at least two members of the Campbell caucus have (or had) business links to fast food restaurants?

October 30, 2001

Teaching the Vulnerable to Lie and Cheat

Cheating on hoursEmployment standards are complaint driven, or in terms of the new jargon they are "results based", "outcome oriented", or "performance driven". In other words, a worker can be oppressed unless that worker is willing to use the law to take on the boss on the basis of alleged violations.

Labour Minister Graham Bruce would have you believe that by paying "new workers" $6.00 per hour for their first 500 hours, rather than the $8.00 minimum wage, youth unemployment will plummet. Is it not more likely that new workers will be encouraged to lie about how many hours they have previously worked in order to get and keep a job?

Good work, Graham, an incentive to teach new workers how to lie and cheat in order to bend to the will of their employer!


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